Shower on the Beach

I have never showered on the beach before today…Bridal shower that is. I highly recommend that, if you plan to host one, you hire restaurant mogul Alicia Whitney. As both Matron of Honor and owner of Prjkt Restaurant Group (SeaLegs Wine Bar, SeaSalt Woodfire Grill, SeaLegs LAX, SeaLegs at the Beach, etc.)…she really knows how to throw a party!

The Scene:

Sea Legs at the Beach Bridal Shower
Every detail accounted for including floral crowns for all the attendees and a throne for the bride. Did I mention champagne?

While SeaLegs at the Beach is in itself a beach snack shack turned posh wine and beer bar and restaurant in the sand, Alicia had secured some prime real estate on the beach adjacent to her restaurant for this shindig. Guests arrived to baskets for their sandals and were led down an aisle of white lanterns to a beautifully staged table of tropical flower arrangements with a flower crown for each guest.

As soon as I snapped the above picture, a waitress offered me a choice of champagne or Baileys and coffee. With my cranberry champagne in hand, I wandered through the guests to find my friends.

The Party:

I consider myself extremely blessed to have enjoyed friendships dating back to Jr. High (and for three of these women, Elementary School).  These ladies are so special.  That group of friends you feel so comfortable and at ease with that you are completely yourself. Those friends that know why you are who you are because they were there for the moments that shaped you. I’m excited to witness one of Leanne’s (the bride) moments of becoming a Buckingham.

After the bride had a chance to mingle around, we were treated to a smorgasbord of delectable dishes that were as delicious to the eye as they were the palette.

Not pictured, yet equally yummy, was deviled eggs, baskets of maple bacon, and avocado toast with jalapeño and tomato. I would have gotten photos, but as soon as the plates arrived, excited guests’ hands were emptying them.

Leanne (Bride) and Alicia (Matron of Honor)
Leanne (Bride) and Alicia (Matron of Honor)

After eating, more drinking, playing a “how well do you know the bride?” game, and toasts by the bridesmaids and mother-of-the-bride, we were invited back to SeaLegs on the Beach for presents, cake and of course more drinks.

Cabana full of gifts
Leanne was showered with gifts and love.

All in all, this was a shower to rival all showers. And I am grateful to have participated, and added another “new experience” to my list. Wishing you many blessings, Leanne!

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