Tapping Into Creative Archetypes to Create a Logo

I will be the first to admit that my design skills are amateur and my sketching abilities usually resemble stick figures. However, I’m not going to let my artistic inexperience and lack of design expertise keep me from experimenting with what could eventually be my logos for Elation Explorer and Inversion Coaching. (Don’t worry, Plan B has already been put in motion by reaching out to some fabulous designers I’ve worked with in the past. I care too much about branding to leave it solely in my hands.)

To get the creative juices flowing and expand my mind, I started with combining my own initials J B to see what would kick start a flow. I chose green and purple markers because lately those colors have been extremely vivid and reoccurring in my dreams.

Once I saw a monogram that didn’t make me cringe, I started a new paper for Inversion Coaching.

My coaching business’s name can be attributed to the figurative turning of someones internal world to the outside. I take thoughts that lay at the foundation of a client’s beliefs, personal religions if you will, and bring them to awareness for examination of fact vs. fiction. If these thoughts cause suffering, we dissolve them one by one (using coaching tools) until they are no longer thoughts that occupy the mind. Clients also find their inner truths through my helping them translate their body’s messages and physical responses, which in turn helps them make decisions. This process brings the answers inside of their body out to their conscious and cognitive mind. It is an inversion process.

Inversion Coaching Page Sketch
Experimenting with variations on combining “I” with “C”

The bottom row reminded me of cups on saucers or a table. Right side up could be full or empty, which could have mis-interpretations, including in its simplest form that of optimism and pessimism. The cup and saucer upside down definitely represented inverting, yet it felt incomplete. The whole story is represented by both up and down. It is a continuous process as we cycle through life’s ever changing evolution and uncover more beliefs to dissolve. This is where I ended up:

Inversion Coaching Logo
Flip it left or right, up or down, it is a mirror image.

The next set of sketches was for Elation Explorer. For those of you who have read and followed previous posts, this is a passion project for the purpose of seeking elation one exploration at a time.

Elation Explorer Page Sketch
Bottom row left three felt like I was on to something.

There were less variations of two “e” combinations to explore because once I hit one I liked, I saw so much more in it. Here is where I ended up:

Seed and Eye

I first noticed there is somewhat of a yin and yang happening. Then I saw the seed within the two “e”s. This is the beginning of what I know will be something much bigger and more beautiful than I can comprehend right now as a seedling exploration. When I turned the image on its side, I saw an eye with the seed as an iris. My third eye chakra!  This whole coaching transformation and even Elation Explorer’s creation was all based off of intuition and a hint of foresight. Elation Explorer truly is my space for spiritual reflection and to explore insights gained from the daily experiences.

Who knows where the professional designers will go with their logos to compare to these? Nothing is absolute and nothing is permanent. Right now I’m happy with the way this sketching experiment turned out.

If you have thoughts on these or suggestions for other designs, feel free to comment below.

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