Doggie Dentist & Business Planning

Today is a two-for…though both are far less exciting new activities than in most recent posts. After 30 days of new adventures and experiences, today’s time was spent a little bit more pragmatically.

Tucker, our mixed-breed fur-baby, is a wiggly noodle of energy. He has two speeds: On and Off. On speed looks a whirring blur of tan and white racing up and down the stairs. Off looks like a dead dog sprawled out on the floor. Off turns to On whenever we touch his paws to file his nails or his teeth to brush. (It also happens that if I hold the camera up to take his picture and he notices, he immediately jumps up and starts running around like a crazy Tasmanian devil.)

Needless to say, in four years, we have been unable to wrangle him for a tooth brushing. This isn’t a service that the groomers offer, either. So his nails are regularly drummeled, but his teeth are for the most part neglected outside of dental chews. Now that Tucker is almost four years old, it was time for a proper teeth cleaning.

One of my girlfriends I’ve known since Jr. High is married to a local vet at All Creatures Care Cottage, which offers teeth cleaning among other pet health services. Today was the first time I had taken a dog to get his/her teeth cleaned professionally, let alone under anesthesia. All Creatures Care Cottage believes in holistic medicine in addition to Western practices and genuinely care for all animals. It’s why their practice doesn’t just focus on dogs and cats, but a variety of animals. They have lizards, rabbits, tortoises and pigs that are regular patients. In fact, today they had a tortoise patient who had sprained a leg. As I was leaving, one of the vet techs was outside feeding a frilled-neck lizard, who apparently only eats if he’s in the sun.

From what I was told, Tucker was an excellent patient today. He had quite a lot of plaque build up, but there were no pockets and no teeth that needed pulling. He also received updated vaccinations and a refill on flea meds. All-in-all, he’s a strong and healthy dog. However, he was zonked out on the ride home and remained groggy for the remainder of the day, as to be expected.

Tucker In Back Seat
Tucker zonked out on the ride home from the vet.

While Tucker was recovering, I built out my business plan not only for my life coaching practice but also a longer term 5 to 10-year plan for a wellness center.

I absolutely love helping people live their best, most fulfilling and joyful lives. I also recognize that it takes more than coaching. Yoga, meditation, acupuncture/EFT/homeopathic healing and nutrition are other important factors. Combined, they help people exponentially. If I can find a way to bring them all together into one location for people to experience each one on a regular basis, we could accomplish so much healing.

While my business plan had been mostly in my head until now, I dedicated a majority of the afternoon and evening to getting it all out into a 25-page document. I have my 1-2 year plan, 3-5 years, and 5-10 years all mapped out. I have revenue projections and researched a lot on the cost side.

It’s exciting to put it all out there into a form outside of my mind. It makes it more tangible, more real. I have now set intention and will continue to give it my attention. We will see if the Universe agrees. If not, that’s ok too. It knows better than I do what the best path forward is.

Tucker is also up and for the first time, he’s mid-speed (neither On nor Off)…looks like we’ll both be just fine.

Tucker Bandage
Up and at-’em!

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