Homemade Birthday Card

Once upon a time, I used to scrapbook. I haven’t made an album in at least eight years, yet I still have a ton of supplies that, for the most part, go unused. It’s not for lack of desire, more so time…and with all photos going digital, I just don’t print them out anymore. As much as I don’t like to admit it, my new scrapbook is Facebook.

I was organizing my camera equipment, which happens to be in the same office cabinet as my scrapbooking supply bag. I set the intention to make something, anything, today with some of the contents. One of my long-time friends, Cary, was telling me how she makes cards when she crafts with her friends on weekends. Then I remembered that I have a birthday gift for another girlfriend, who is coming to visit this weekend. Rather than paying Hallmark $6-8 for a card (yes, that’s how expensive they are these days), I decided to make one.

I set my supplies out on the table and waded through all the designs and materials that could pass for birthday-themed.

Scrapbooking Materials
The birth of a birthday card.

The receiver has a cheeriness to her that is contagious and that inspired bright colors on a sunny yellow background. We will be raising a glass or two to celebrate her, so the front practically designed itself.

My girlfriend also takes the cake as someone who is genuine, caring and compassionate. Any time I have needed her, no matter what she has going on in her life, she will drop everything to be there. She is that way for all of her friends and family. She’s also one of the strongest people I know with battling multiple sclerosis for 15 years now.

She was one of my bridesmaids and on my wedding day, she happened to have a flare up of one of her spinal lesions which left her entire left leg and foot completely numb. She never said a word about it as she didn’t want to worry me. Ten minutes before we were all supposed to walk out and down the aisle, her stiletto heel broke off. It was the same shoe on her left numb leg and foot.

She would have been completely justified in wearing flip-flops down the aisle (or skipping it altogether if she was worried about falling and hurting herself). Being the person that she is, she made the other bridesmaids swear they wouldn’t tell me until it was over and kept this issue hidden from me. While someone distracted me, they safety pinned and taped her heel back on for “looks.” She prayed that she could manage to walk down stairs, across a patio and through grass without putting weight on the back heel of the shoe.

How she pulled that magic off, I have no idea. I’m amazed she loved me that much, especially since I wouldn’t have minded…but she wanted my wedding day and photos to be perfect. WOW – How lucky am I to have such an awesome friend?!

Inside Card
Inside of the homemade birthday card.

I’m surprised I never thought of making cards before! This was a fun, creative break and a good way to show those I love just how much I appreciate them in my life.

Thanks, Cary, for the homemade card inspiration!


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