Huntington Beach Air Show

Sunday was a perfect day to watch the Breitling Air Show in Huntington Beach. The fog layers burned off early in the morning allowing for a clear blue, open sky for spectators’ maximum enjoyment. All along the sand, from Goldenwest all the way down to Magnolia, people had set up their chairs and umbrellas. Out on the water were hundreds of boats anchored for prime viewing.

Main Street was turned into a street fair of Military vehicles, booths and interactive games and activities for families to enjoy.

We chose to post up on the patio at Ola Mexican Restaurant at Pacific City. It had a perfect vantage point and offered shade from the hot sun. Everyone around us was in jovial spirits and folks, who had reserved tables along the windows, happily welcomed anyone who wanted to, to get a closer look. We all became fast friends!

Since this is an event you really have to see to experience, I’ll let my photos and video do the sharing.

Sky Diver
The show opened with a bunch of sky divers
Fire Boat
The Fire Boat put on a waterworks display to kick off the event
American Flag
A skydiver flying the American flag.
Prop Plane
Prop plane showing off some tricks
Prop Plane Barrel Roll
More air tricks
Breitling Plane
The Breitling plane flying end over front summersaults.
Breitling Plane Upside Down
Breitling plane flying upside down.
Jet Plane
Jet plane flying upside down
Jet Plane Over Rubies
Jet plane flying over the pier and Ruby’s diner.
Patriots Jet Plane
Patriots jet plane flying close to the water.
Jet and Boats
Jet buzzing the beach
Jet and Fire Boat
Patriots jet and fire boat.
Coast Guard Helicopter
Coast Guard helicopter lowering a man into the water.
Cargo Plane
Cargo plane flying over the crowd
Canadian Snowbirds
Canada’s military aerobatics team called the Snowbirds
Snowbirds in formation
Canadian Snowbirds in formation
Underside of Snowbirds
Underside of the Snowbirds
Snowbirds In a Row
Three snowbirds in a row look like they’re touching
Two Up, Two Down
Two up, two down
Snowbird Tricksters
Snowbirds doing tricks

I neglected to charge my camera battery, which meant that shortly after the Snowbirds finished their aerobatics routine, my camera went dead. My phone’s camera wouldn’t be quick or high quality enough to capture photos, but it did work for a short video of the Blue Angels and other jets.

I love living in Huntington Beach. There always seems to be something exciting going on downtown!

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