Filming Lucifer

Most everyone knows that Los Angeles is the Mecca of filming movies and TV shows. What many don’t know is that a plethora of shows and movies are actually shot in Huntington Beach due to union labor laws and its location just outside their radius. This makes Huntington Beach a cheaper location to shoot in. As such, hit TV shows such as Dexter, Hell’s Kitchen, The Dog Whisperer, and Beverly Hills 90210 were all filmed in Huntington Beach.

While I was walking my dog along Dog Beach this morning, we ventured right up to and around a TV show taping of Fox’s Lucifer, Season 4. They had quite the set up of trucks lined up along Pacific Coast Highway. Along the bike trail were racks upon racks of sound equipment, lighting gear, catering, portable bathrooms, wardrobe racks, tents, props and plants. I was amazed at how much was going into a day’s worth of shooting.

In our fifteen minutes of observing, they must have run the same minute long scene 25 times. Even I had the choreographed pattern of extras mapped out by the time they transitioned to the next sequence.

I haven’t watched the show yet, but probably will just so I can pick out parts of Huntington. There’s a fun pride in seeing your neighborhood on TV. I might even have to re-watch Dexter with a more careful eye to the outdoor sets.

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