Teaching How to Build a Website

Having spent more than 16 years in marketing, I’m no stranger to building a website from scratch. However, until creating this blog site and my Inversion Coaching company site, I had merely provided content to a webmaster or agency to build out my vision. I was more of a director. In some roles, I even had access to edit text as needed. In other words, I did very limited hands-on work and mostly relied on my direct staff or support teams for anything technical.

Becoming a self-employed entrepreneur means wearing a lot of hats. If I want a website, I can either pay someone or learn how to build it myself. In my last corporate role, we used WordPress and I was familiar with it for SEO as well as editing here and there. That automatically put WordPress at the top of my list for a Content Management System (CMS). After some informational interviews with freelance writers, they shared that most online magazine publications use WordPress for publishing. I pretty much stopped looking after that.

After some fits and starts, I managed to figure out how to build my company’s site. WordPress is fairly intuitive that way, and when all else fails, I google my problem and there are directions to a solution. CMSs have come a long way in that regard. For those who know how technically inept I am, if I can figure it out, anyone can.

Yet despite that, I was flattered to be asked by my uncle-in-law to help him build his personal training website. (If he only knew that I barely know what I’m doing…shhhh…) I’ve not taught anyone about CMS before.

Yesterday afternoon, we sat down and I walked him through all the features and elements (that I knew) of building a website on WordPress. I guided him through each tab and what to put where, how to ensure that the keywords and tags would help him in search engine crawling, and then we created the content together.

It was a fun few hours and we got a lot accomplished. His site Body Building By Borbon is up and running and all that is missing are images. This afternoon, I’ll shoot him in action training some clients and that detail will be quickly taken care of. If he wants more, there are some free stock images that we can also use. Otherwise, he’s all set!

I hope he soaked up the process and learned enough to maintain it as he needs to. If not, I’m only a few doors down to help again. Felt good to use my knowledge to help someone I love build their business.

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