Dare I Call Myself a Writer?

We all have insecurities…that little lizard brain in our head that says, “You’re not good enough.” Mine goes even further to say, “Your blog is a cute hobby and all, but you can’t seriously think that anyone would pay you to type out what’s in your head, right?” Like your lizard brain, mine is well-intentioned. He is merely trying to protect me from rejection, or actual proof of such criticizing thoughts, by keeping me from even trying at all. Well, I can’t advise my clients to calm their lizard down if I don’t lead by example.

With a deep breath and one step off the cliff, I started to pitch travel magazines today on hiring me to cover my upcoming trip to Patagonia. Talk about unnerving to create a template letter. I must have sat looking at my keyboard starting sentences and then deleting them for at least 10 minutes before I reminded myself to just write and then worry about editing later. (Like riding a bike, you have to pedal to get momentum forward. Trying to stabilize in place is near impossible.)

Word Doc
Use keys to form words that create sentences to build a story.

I realized what I wrote, even edited, was way too long for any editor to even consider. So I paired it down. Then realized there was no substance or uniqueness, and wrote more. Then paired it down again. I cycled around in circles with this a few times.

The good news is that if I don’t hear back, I have been advised that it usually means it’s sitting with about 2,000 other unopened emails that may never be read. The trick (or so I’ve been told) is to be consistently tenacious enough that luck is eventually on your side. Or they’ll scroll past your name so many times that at some point they’ll think they actually know who you are because it will be familiar.

Either way, this is a first leap of many. I am naturally tenacious, which works in my favor. I have 6 months to get a bite.

To be continued…

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