New Vom FASS at Pacific City

Until today, I had never heard of a Vom FASS store before, and I am in love. It’s a taste-before-you-buy store of oils, vinegars, spirits, liqueurs and wines from around the globe. They recently opened a new shop in Lot 579 at Pacific City in Huntington Beach. It’s a brightly lit and colorfully decorated corner store just begging to be experienced. Talk about walking into heaven!

If you like to entertain, this is the shop for you. For the home master chefs, there are dozens of flavored oils and vinegars to experiment with back home. I personally loved the mango balsamic. Olive oils infused with peppers, garlic or other spices? Yes please, I’ll take all of them.

Oils and Vinegars
Who said oil and vinegar do not mix?

If you’re going to throw any holiday parties and want to impress your friends with new spins on your ol’ favorite cocktails, why not try some of their flavored liqueurs? My recommendation would be the Wild Rose, which reminded me of that white roses perfume from high school, and adding it to some Prosecco or Champagne. I also liked the Cara Mia, which was reminiscent of caramel and would be divine in a coffee or hot cocoa. We tried the Orangecello, since we were told it would be like Limoncello, but it tasted more like an orange Tic-Tac flavored cough syrup. (Which may be right up someone’s alley!)

Flavored Liquor
It’s like skittles for your cocktails.

Vom FASS also has a wide mix of whiskeys, tequilas, and rums from around the world. These were fabulous to try as well, although we only tasted three before realizing someone had to drive home. We didn’t even get to the wine, which I’ll do the next time I’m there…that might be tomorrow because there are so many left to try. One couldn’t possibly try them all in one visit. (Someone out there is thinking to themselves, “Challenge accepted!”)

For those who want to give these treats as gifts, or just decorate their bar with fancy bottles, Vom FASS offers a variety of bottle designs to choose from…once you can narrow down what you want to buy. If you’re looking for something to do this weekend…go, go, go.

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