Turtle Steps Toward My Ideal Day

If I were to design my ideal day, it would be combining all of my favorite things as follows. I would wake up to the sound of waves crashing as sunlight filtered through my window and the smell of fresh brewed coffee teased my nose. My dog, Tucker, would nuzzle my hand that it’s time to start the day and my husband would be in the kitchen fixing breakfast. We would leisurely eat and discuss our upcoming trip, because of course we would be globe trotting every other week.

I would then practice some yoga on our patio deck overlooking the ocean and end with a twenty-minute meditation. Then, after a quick shower, I hop on calls with two of my brilliant and magical clients. After a short lunch break and walk with my husband and dog along the sand, I would resume my last couple client coaching calls before ending my ‘workday’ at 3:30 PM.

For the next few hours, I would either write, post-process photos or my husband and I would venture out to some local destination to shoot photography. Maybe we’d go for an afternoon SCUBA dive, kayak or SUP. Upon our return, we’d watch the sun set out on the horizon while sipping a delicious Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon while snacking on some appetizers made from our herb and vegetable garden.

We’d then move indoors to begin preparing our gourmet dinner that we cook together while listening to country music. We enjoy this delicious meal either just the two of us or invite our friends over to join us. If the former, the two of us would sit on the couch after dinner and finish discussing any planning details still needed for the following week’s international trip.

Essentially…I love the ocean, travel, writing, photography, deepening my spirituality, my family/friends, and coaching clients to live their most fulfilled lives. If I ever want to make this dream a reality, I need to take turtle steps toward achieving them. Today, I took one more step toward personal growth by submitting some of my favorite photos to a Travel + Leisure contest.

After reaching out to two of my friends, who are professional photographers, they gave me some tips on additional edits I could make in Lightroom. They also offered their feedback on how I can improve my shooting technique in the future. I spent much of last night and the earliest hours of this morning finishing up post-processing on eighteen of my best photos.

With a long, slow and deep breath, combined with a heart full of hope and expansiveness, I submitted these photos. While I recognize whoever on the receiving end is moderating merely for appropriateness, my whole chest felt light and tingly when I saw the email come through that my photos had been posted for all to see. Wow. No longer do they sit in the shadows of my computer’s hard drive but live now on Travel + Leisure’s website.

Screen Shot Travel + Leisure Magazine
Screenshot of one of my images submitted to their photo contest.

No matter what happens, I am one step closer to learning more and feeling more confident in chasing that ideal day dream!

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