First Halloween in Our Home

My husband and I bought our home last December. Prior to that, we had rented a small condo, where most of our neighbors were either vacationers who were visiting or retirees. For the three years prior that, we lived in a condo in downtown San Jose, which wasn’t very family friendly and as such, most of our neighbors were empty nesters. I fully anticipated this to be our first Halloween passing candy out to trick-or-treaters.

A few days ago I bought two giant bags of candy and a green candy bowl covered in black cartoon spiders with a big “EEK!” along the side. I didn’t want to miss any cute kid costumes, so I put a sign over our broken door bell requesting that they knock instead. I turned on all the exterior lights, which is unusual for us.

Doorbell Sign
Please Knock.

With the candy bowl ready at the door, I took the dog for a walk early just in case the trick-or-treating rule of waiting for dark no longer applied. (Hey, it’s been at least 25 years since I’ve dressed up and gone door to door for candy. Who knows what the rules are now?!)

Then we waited.

And waited.

And waited some more.

I texted my next door neighbor, “How many kids came through last year?”

“Came through for what?” she asked. This couldn’t be good.

“For trick-or-treating,” I answered. “Did you go through a lot of candy?”

“Yes,” she replied. “I ended up going through all the candy. Myself. Because we haven’t had trick-or-treaters in years. I’m left with it all, so this year I only bought one bag just in case.”

“Oh really?” I asked looking at my bowl of candy with another bag still unopened.

Bowl of Halloween candy.

“We might get lucky this year,” she said wanting not to burst my bubble. “I saw the baby from the house on the other side of me wearing a witch costume this morning. I bet they’ll at least bring her around.”

Wondering if I should just bring my candy to the uncles’ house on the other side of the complex, I texted them. They have kids living in the homes around them. Maybe they’ll have more luck.

“Have you had any trick-or-treaters? How much candy did you buy?” I asked.

“Too much,” Uncle Steven replied. “Our neighbor said they had zero kids come through last year.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. Here we all had the same vision that we’d have this huge rush of trick-or-treaters now that we were living in an actual housing community. (Steven and Jerry lived a mile away from Jeff and I in downtown San Jose.)

Jerry chimed in with adding, “Does the pizza delivery guy count? He came to the door and we gave him some candy.”

Fast-forward. It’s now 8:45 pm and I haven’t had one door knock, let alone seen anyone in costumes walking around the complex.

My neighbor followed up a few minutes ago with, “Did you have any better luck than us? I’ll be eating Jr Mints for a month!”

Oh well, at least we tried. Maybe next year I’ll bug some of my friends with kids to pass out candy at their house so I can smile over adorably dressed children. I do fondly remember Halloweens growing up. My mother was quite the creative costume creator and each year we had awe-inspiring costumes. It was a holiday I looked forward to (and not because of the candy) with my siblings. My favorite costume was the Queen of Hearts. My brothers looked adorable in their ‘fat-clown’ costumes full of pillows. Ah to be that age again with the light of magic and fantasy stirring in our bellies.

Looking at the positive side of tonight…My dog didn’t have a conniption fit over visitors on the property all night long and we were able to watch Game 6 of the World Series without any interruptions. It was a peaceful and relaxing night at home with my family.

Final thought: Is there a place for donating unopened candy? If not, there should be. It’s dangerous to keep this much candy in the house. Much scarier than any haunted house or costume!

One thought on “First Halloween in Our Home

  1. Funny. We have had less and less kids every year and we live in suburbia. I bet a homeless shelter or home for women will take the candy. Sorry it didn’t work out. Happy Halloween though!

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