Designing a Coaching Playshop

As I plan for the future, I’m envisioning how I would go about designing a weekend coaching retreat or workshop (which I’d prefer to call “playshop”). Advice from master coaches focus on connecting with our original medicine and ideal day to lay the foundation for building a retreat on. Some coaches do Equis Training, where clients tap into their emotional energy to engage with horses. Others have nature retreats with a focus on forest bathing or building a campfire as a metaphor tool.

My happy place of rejuvenation is the ocean. It always has been. The sound of waves churning and tumbling onto the sand, the ripple movement of the surface of the water as it constantly changes shape, watching birds dive for fish or dolphins porpoise along, the smell of salt and wet spray in the air that you can practically taste, and the sun warming my skin like a heating blanket. It feeds every cell of my body…and I have a feeling it does for many others as well. Why else would tropical vacations be so popular?

I’m grateful to live in Huntington Beach, a popular vacation destination. I can imagine my future clients looking forward to visiting the ocean for a weekend retreat from their busy schedules. How do I combine this blissful place with the coaching tools? Quite easily, it seems, once I started mapping it out. I would need a partner that brings the other half of the experience.

Through a series of synchronicitous events, I recently met another healer, Justyn, who’s a meditation and yoga teacher. She has a special gift of reading and feeling people’s energy. Through her own practice and building a deeper connection to her body, she can actually feel her digestive system break down food and send those nutrients to certain parts of her physical form.

When I first met her, my whole body started buzzing with an electric shock…and now, even talking to her on the phone, I can feel her energy and my energy meeting and resonating on the same wave. I imagine it is what it would feel like if I was a rechargeable battery hooked up to a charging station. Except it’s mutual…I charge her in the same capacity she charges me. My heart chakra completely opens and there’s a swirl of light and love being shared between us and growing in magnitude as we share our experiences and lessons in healing.

Our longer term plan is to build a wellness center together, and in the shorter term, we want to do retreats and playshops. I will bring the coaching and she will bring her meditation and yoga teachings. Together, we’ll leverage the beach environment and add in an element of boating/whale watching to give our clients a holistic experience.

I am buzzing just envisioning this weekend retreat and excited to chart out my turtle steps to get there. Stay tuned…more to come…

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