Experiencing Car-less-ness

Working from home has numerous advantages, one of which is rarely having to leave the house. This also means I don’t have to wear makeup and can basically dress in whatever is most comfortable, which is usually yoga pants and a tank top. (Sorry, Husby!)

For the last five months, before leaving for work, my husband would ask me whether I needed to go anywhere that day. The answer would determine which car he commuted with: our 10-year-old Honda or his Porsche. More often that not, he opted to put the miles on the Honda. There was always at least one car in the garage that I could use at any time…yet, I rarely did.

Two weeks ago, I was in a car accident. Our insurance has determined that repairing the damages to the Honda will cost more than the value of it. While my insurance company battles with the insurance company of the guy who ran the red light and hit me, we are pretty much playing a waiting game. This means I’m carless for the first time since I was 18-years old.

All of a sudden, I have things to do and places to be such as acupuncture appointments, grocery store, the groomers for Tucker’s nail trimming, pet-store for dog food, volunteering at the animal shelter, and the ideas I have for my ‘new thing a day.’ Now that the holidays are here, my friends want to get together for lunches and happy hours. I’ll need to do holiday shopping for not only gifts, but also for hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas.

All of these thoughts have my lizard brain going wild with ‘I’m trapped!’ For the first time in a long time, my thoughts are telling me I need to be somewhere other than at home and that time is running out to get things done. It’s comical because I realize that it’s all in my mind…that I have options and can problem solve fairly easily. Yet, it’s the first time I have experienced being carless.

It has definitely added a level of challenge to participate in new experiences for Elation Explorer when there is an added cost and hassle of using Lift to get to and from. Thankfully, my neighbor uncles have kindly offered to allow me the use of their car to borrow, which has been much appreciated.

I’ve taken for granted the ability to go wherever I want to, whenever I want to. I’m now recognizing the value of freedom that having a car enables. It also makes me realize that there are many less fortunate who rely on public transportation to get everywhere. I consider myself lucky that this is only temporary.

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