A Note of Gratitude to my Clients

Thanks to my amazing clients, who have so graciously been open to playing with me and the tools, today marks 75 hours of coaching. With three and a half months remaining in training, I’ve completed the first requirement for Martha Beck Life Coach certification. This feels light and airy like I could dance on the clouds.

The past six months have been an emotional journey for all involved. The tools I’ve learned and practiced with my classmates have given me freedom from many of my own limiting beliefs. Hearing the inner wisdom from my higher self rise up out of me is nothing short of beautiful, gentle and loving. Listening as my clients experience that same deep knowledge flow through them, and as insights surface, is one of the most wonderful feelings.

I am so grateful to be a witness to that release and relief. It affirms and solidifies my decision to pursue this vocation. This is one of many ways I am meant to serve and offer my unique gifts to whoever is open to receiving them.

While there is still so much to learn and so many years of this art to craft and refine, I’m thankful that so many friends and family members (and family members of friends) were willing to join me on this journey. I’m excited to see what the coming months bring in the way of new challenges, insights, clients and tools to add to my toolbox. Beyond that, I believe that whatever happens is as it is intended. For now, I’m going to revel in the moment of this accomplishment and send heartfelt thanks out to my clients for their help in getting here.

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