My Top 10 Beliefs

I Believe…

These are truths that I know in my deepest core and based on the lessons I’ve learned thus far in life. I welcome your adding your beliefs in the comments below.

  1. I believe every single person is unique and it’s their privilege and duty to bring their irreplaceable gifts to the world.


  1. I believe that every person you come in contact with serves a purpose in your journey and in that same way, you do for theirs. What exactly that purpose is may often be beyond our limited perspective – and that’s ok.


  1. I believe that for every down there is an equal up and that neither lasts forever. Life is one long bobbing ride in the waves until you reach the shore of your final destination.


  1. I believe that when you find yourself in a trench, you have two choices: give up and die or climb out and keep moving forward. I believe we all have the strength and ability to climb out; we simply need the will to.


  1. I believe that some of the greatest gifts in life are not getting what we want.


  1. I believe that loss causes you to love deeper, and appreciate more, those who remain and those who enter. I didn’t reach the depth of my capacity to love until I experienced excruciating loss. For that gift, I am grateful.


  1. I believe that your body and dreams can guide you if you listen to their wisdom. And, if you don’t learn your lesson the first time, there will be more opportunities until you do.


  1. I believe that one should not expect their former self to have the knowledge and wisdom of their current self. If you didn’t know then what you know now, give yourself permission to be human.


  1. I believe that life is beautiful. If one pays attention, the beauty is all around.


  1. I believe that we should surround ourselves with those who accept and love us for our authentic, genuine self. Anyone who doesn’t is not your tribe.



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