A Reflection on Elation Explorer’s Goal

I started this Elation Explorer journey with the goal of doing one new thing a day for as long as I could. It lasted three months. To some that may look like failure, to me that is a great success.

I knew going into it that participating in a new activity every single day would not be sustainable. Life’s natural ebb and flow would, at some point, float me in its own direction (which is always a better path than I would choose for myself).  And it did…I was in a car accident that left me without transportation for 7 weeks. Plus with the inherent demands of the holiday season and an increased amount of client calls, finding and doing something new became a burden instead of a joy (which was the whole point!).

If I would have let that keep me from starting, I would have missed out on so many incredible experiences.

I faced fears, tried new foods, explored new places, experimented with new activities. These are all things I wouldn’t have sought out and enjoyed without that extra nudge. I also stretched myself to think more creatively. As someone who naturally enjoys and seeks out new experiences, it’s actually really difficult to find ones I haven’t tried yet. It had the added bonus of giving me content to write about, which is another area of passion. Win, win, win!

Often we are so afraid of future failure that we never step toward something that would bring us joy.

Therefore, I encourage you to dive in to whatever you’re drawn to that you’ve let fear hold you back from. If you’ve always wanted to sketch or paint, but currently only do stick figures, take an art class. If you’re curious to learn a new language, find an audible recording. If you want to start a blog, but fear you have nothing to say, just write whatever is front of mind and from the heart…it will resonate with your tribe members.

As the saying goes, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” ~ Les Brown

Elation Explorer isn’t going away. It’s merely morphing into something new. I’m still exploring what brings me joy at a cadence that feels natural and authentic. Sometimes it will be sharing new experiences, other times it will be a reflection on lessons learned on my journey. Always it will come from a place of genuineness as I seek elation in each moment.

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