10 Best Gluten & Dairy Food Substitutions

Dairy & Gluten Free Food Options

With all the processing and preservatives added to foods over the past few decades, it's no surprise that more and more people are developing gluten and dairy intolerances (ie: the inability to digest and properly process). The good news is that with this growing demand, there are a plethora of new products on the market so that we don't have to abandon our favorite meals. Here are some of my favorite substitutes:

What to Pack for a Patagonia Adventure

We've been planning this trip for almost a year. Traveling to Patagonia is a bucket list item that we are grateful to experience. We had a wonderful travel agent, Colleen with Earthwalk Journeys, who mapped it all out for us based on our interests and budget. Now that the trip is booked, it's time to pack for drastically different weather and activity scenarios. Here's what I recommend:

Integrity Boundaries

Establishing boundaries sounds complex because our thoughts often give us mixed directions on what we should and shouldn't be doing. Our logic and reasoning can sometimes tell us that something that feels wrong is "ok." Or we fear what others will think of us if we behave a certain way and therefore stay silent or allow our boundaries to be crossed. Our ego is always trying to fit in and be liked, which can be at the expense of our integrity. I know this because, for many years, I lived duplicitously. Only recently did I realize that in order to understand and establish boundaries that I can trust are right, it simply requires stillness and connecting with my body compass.

Post-Christmas “What Just Happened?”

I don't know about you, but the day after Christmas, for me personally, has always felt deflating. There is this huge build up of decorating, planning, time and mind-space investment in present and grocery shopping, cooking and baking, wrapping, cleaning, hosting, and rushing to fit in celebrating with as many friends and family that can fit into the holiday season space. It's easy to get so caught up in the doing and what comes next that I forget about simply being and enjoying the moment.

Why is Fertility a Taboo Topic?

What many women and men experience, yet rarely talk about openly, are infertility issues. Like discussing your salary, society believes our reproductive organs are a taboo conversation topic. It makes people squirm and change the subject, or gossip and shame about later. Why? People openly share about so many personal things quite freely on social media, yet this topic in particular is shut behind the caged door of our hearts.