Seal Beach Animal Care Volunteer

Over the past few months, I have reached out a few times to the Orange County SPCA about volunteering without a single reply. Today, I happened to drive past the Seal Beach Animal Care Center and noticed a sign stating that the shelter is extremely overcrowded and would not be accepting any additional animal surrenders. This tugged at my heart and I immediately made a U-turn and pulled into their parking lot. I walked in without knowing whether I was there to adopt a dog (Surprise Husby!) or to offer my help.

Designing a Coaching Playshop

As I plan for the future, I'm envisioning how I would go about designing a weekend coaching retreat or workshop (which I'd prefer to call "playshop"). Advice from master coaches focus on connecting with our original medicine and ideal day to lay the foundation for building a retreat on. Some coaches do Equis Training, where clients tap into their emotional energy to engage with horses. Others have nature retreats with a focus on forest bathing or using building a fire as a metaphor tool. 

First Halloween in Our Home

My husband and I bought our home last December. Prior to that, we had rented a small condo, where most of our neighbors were either vacationers who were visiting or retirees. For the three years prior that, we lived in a condo in downtown San Jose, which wasn't very family friendly and as such, most of our neighbors were empty nesters. I fully anticipated this to be our first Halloween passing candy out to trick-or-treaters.

Turtle Steps Toward My Ideal Day

If I were to design my ideal day, it would be combining all of my favorite things as follows. I would wake up to the sound of waves crashing as sunlight filtered through my window and the smell of fresh brewed coffee teased my nose. My dog, Tucker, would nuzzle my hand that it's time to start the day and my husband would be in the kitchen fixing breakfast. We would leisurely eat and discuss our upcoming trip, because of course we would be globe trotting every other week.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding with a Dog

I've ventured out on plenty of stand up paddle (SUP) boarding water adventures, but until today, I had never attempted it with our dog. If you think balancing yourself is a challenge, try bringing a 50 pound dog with ADD. That was my experience today and it was more than comical, it was downright hilarious. I am proud of not falling off, though wish I could say the same for Tucker.

Sailing Lesson in Newport Harbor

For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to learn to sail. There's something romantically exhilarating about the thought of sailing to exotic destinations around the world. Relying on the elements and pure power of nature to push you to your destination. Leaving yourself vulnerable to moving as fast or as slow as the universe desires. (Not that we have a choice in the matter otherwise.) So when my husband asked me what I wanted as an anniversary gift, I told him I wanted sailing lessons.

New Vom FASS at Pacific City

Until today, I had never heard of a Vom FASS store before, and I am in love. It's a taste-before-you-buy store of oils, vinegars, spirits, liqueurs and wines from around the globe. They recently opened a new shop in Lot 579 at Pacific City in Huntington Beach. It's a brightly lit and colorfully decorated corner store just begging to be experienced. Talk about walking into heaven!