Part I: Learning to Give a Dog an IV

Our uncles, Steven and Jerry, who also happen to be our neighbors, have two aging dogs: Tasha (14 years old) and Nikoli (also 14). Recently, both dogs have had some serious medical issues. About five months ago, Tasha was in the hospital for kidney failure. Steven and Jerry almost lost her, but she's a fighter and so are they.

Healing Comes in Many Forms

Acupuncture has helped quite a few of my friends with various health issues like chronic pain or fertility. For me, my heel spurs and lower back pain is enough motivation to find pain relief without surgery or pain-killers. I've tried chiropractors, physical therapy, and icing and while these options ease the pain temporarily, I would like to be rid of it altogether. As I continue to learn more about alternative lenses to view the world and my life's circumstances, I have become more curious about alternative medicine.