Designing a Peaceful Space for Client Calls

It's interesting what your environment can do for your mental state. I often coach clients around their living space and what they want to change about it. Doing the work on myself, I realized that the bonus room as it was made me anxious. As such, I stared out the windows rather than look at the helter-skelter pile of boxes and random items on plastic shelves. Being committed to coaching and holding an emotional space for my clients also means committing to my own peaceful environmental space.

Installing Vinyl Flooring

It's been almost a year since we moved into our fixer-upper home. The day after we were handed our keys, we had painters turn what was all peachy-pink walls into shades of blue, sea-foam green, and grey to support our ocean themed decor. After fresh paint, a small team came through to install ceramic tile flooring in our entry, vinyl wood in the office, and grey shag carpet in our living room, stairs and bedrooms. We left the original flooring in the kitchen, dining and third bedroom with plans to update at a later date. That time is now...