Designing a Coaching Playshop

As I plan for the future, I'm envisioning how I would go about designing a weekend coaching retreat or workshop (which I'd prefer to call "playshop"). Advice from master coaches focus on connecting with our original medicine and ideal day to lay the foundation for building a retreat on. Some coaches do Equis Training, where clients tap into their emotional energy to engage with horses. Others have nature retreats with a focus on forest bathing or using building a fire as a metaphor tool. 

Surfing and Stingrays

My surf instructor, Diana, asked me to meet her in Sunset Beach at 8 a.m. The morning was cool and overcast when I pulled into the public parking area. In following the unspoken rules of surfing, I left my house keys, phone, and towel in my car. All you need is a wetsuit and a board.