Turtle Steps Toward My Ideal Day

If I were to design my ideal day, it would be combining all of my favorite things as follows. I would wake up to the sound of waves crashing as sunlight filtered through my window and the smell of fresh brewed coffee teased my nose. My dog, Tucker, would nuzzle my hand that it's time to start the day and my husband would be in the kitchen fixing breakfast. We would leisurely eat and discuss our upcoming trip, because of course we would be globe trotting every other week.

Dare I Call Myself a Writer?

We all have insecurities...that little lizard brain in our head that says, "You're not good enough." Mine goes even further to say, "Your blog is a cute hobby and all, but you can't seriously think that anyone would pay you to type out what's in your head, right?" Like your lizard brain, mine is well-intentioned.